11 – James A. Scott on “The Blood of Patriots and Traitors”

Today we are joined by none other than author James A. Scott to discuss his latest release, “The Blood of Patriots and Traitors,” the second book in the Max Geller mystery series. Follow the action-packed story of Max Geller, a former CIA agent living in Australia who is blackmailed into returning to Russia to bring out a Soviet defector with critical information about the Russian plan to invade its former satellite countries. With explosive action scenes, cerebral spy games, and traitorous twists, “The Blood of Patriots and Traitors” is a pulse-pounding spy thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. James shares exclusive insights with our listeners, from his writing process to the inspiration behind the Max Geller character. Plus, a review of the dark comedy book, Just Desserts, by author Jerry Crowther.


Just Desserts Review – 0:00

James A. Scott Interview – 4:55

Looks on Electricity – 36:11

Books Discussed:

“The Blood of Patriots and Traitors” by James A. Scott

“Just Desserts” by Jerry Crowther


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