#16 – Arctic Airship Adventures: The Intriguing and Tragic Tale of N-4 Down

Join us on this thrilling episode of Books and Looks as we dive into the world of Arctic exploration, airships, and political intrigue. I interview author Mark Piesing about his gripping book “N-4 Down,” which uncovers the lesser-known story of the 1928 Arctic airship crash. Discover how Umberto Nobile’s ambition and Mussolini’s political machinations intertwined with the Heroic and Machine Ages of polar exploration. Immerse yourself in this epic journey, full of humor, heartache, and the untamed allure of the Arctic. Don’t miss this captivating discussion that will leave you wondering how far we’ll go to conquer the unknown.

Books Discussed:

“N-4 Down” by Mark Piesing – https://amzn.to/3GxEHB6


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