#8 – Killer Story: A Tale of Murder, Journalism, and YouTube

Today I review “Killer Story” by Matt Witten. This relevant mystery tells the story of two friends, Lily and Petra, who went their separate ways after meeting at camp. When one of the girls is murdered, Petra sets out on a mission to find the killer and bring justice to her friend. Along the way, she starts her own podcast to share her findings and shed light on the challenges and consequences of today’s journalism. Tune in for an engaging look at this captivating story.

Plus, a conversation with Jim Alkon, Editorial Director of Book Trib, to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the world of publishing. Hear how Book Trib was created to support unknown and up-and-coming authors, and learn about the factors that contribute to a book’s success. With insights from Jim, you’ll get a better understanding of the book industry and what it takes for an author to break through. Don’t miss this thought-provoking episode for book lovers and aspiring writers.

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