A Bakery in Paris by Aimie K. Runyan: 4****

The first book I have read by Aimie Runyon and it makes me want to read all of her books!! A fine effort that tells the story of a bakery in the Montmartre area of Paris, and told through a double time line. We follow Lisette who is born into aristocracy and who eventually makes her way to Montmartre to follow her love and opens the baker back in 1870’s. We also follow her great-granddaughter, Micheline who lives above the bakery and who will eventually reopen the bakery there after WW2. It is a story of a bakery, two women, recipes, loves, as well as coping with the hardships of WW2 and its aftermath, as well as the 1870’s when the Prussians surrounded the city of Paris and people were starving, as well as the fight for control of the city thereafter between the Communards and the Federal government. Well researched, and very well written, we follow these two ladies in alternating chapters as they strive to provide for the common men and women who live in the Montmartre district and how this bakery not only helps those citizens survive, but also help Lisette and Micheline overcome and survive the losses that they face in their lives. Filled with memorable characters, and a well devised dual timeline plot, the book also is a treat because every few chapters we are treated to a few of “Lisette’s” recipes! So good, and my wife had a great time making pastries from those presented in the book. A feast for the mind, soul and stomach, A Bakery in Paris is a delightful read for both its history and its humanity!!


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