A Cruel Necessity by L.C. Tyler


Highly enjoyable first book of the John Grey Historical Mystery series. John Grey is a recently graduated law student who returns home at the height of English turbulence, Cromwell is in power as the Lord Protector and Charles Stuart is exiled to Bruges. So this book is about political intrigue in which murders and secrets dominate. The funny part about this book and series is that it is named after John Grey and he is probably the most clueless person in the entire book. Royalist vs. Cromwell is the backstory in this book and John Grey is determined to find out exactly who killed a visitor to town, as well as a stable boy. There are definitely clues that you can follow and I was able to figure out who the murderer was, but the entire plot is so well done that there are surprises until the very last page. Definitely will read more of this series. 

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