A Darker Sea: Master Commandant Putman and the War of 1812 (Bliven Putnam Naval Adventure #2) by James L. Haley 3***

2nd book in this series and I am left with a rather blah taste in my mouth. The story is good, but we have a lot of loose ends. What happened with Bliven Putnam for the remainder of the War of 1812; what was Chapter 9 all about (I understand but it makes no sense in the course of this book and while it may foreshadow Book 3, that is a stretch).

The ending should have been more definitive and I wish we would have read a bit more about his friend Sam Bandy. I thought the first book was fantastic and was well on the way to feeling that about this book until Chapter 9 hit and to me the entire ending fell apart. I do not want to say more due to spoilers but I believe this story had more in it than what we are left with.

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