A Murder in Hollywood by Casey Sherman: 4****

Casey Sherman has written a wonderful book about the murder of Johnny Stompanato, and all that was Lana Turner. Lana was a star, one of the biggest stars Hollywood had, but she had troubles in her personal life. Numerous failed marriages, including some that even put her daughter Cheryl at risk when one of her husbands apparently turned out to be a pedophile. She would jump from man-to-man, and then she met Johnny Stompanato and things went downhill. This is a book that got glamour, Hollywood, the mob, and some really sleazy characters. A perfect weekend read! I loved this book, and the research that the author did was top-notch.

We go through all of Lana’s life to the fateful murder inquest regarding the possibility that her daughter Cheryl had killed Johnny Stompanato. Johnny and Mickey Cohen had basically set up Lena to be what is known as a “honey trap” and they would try to use photographs of Lana in compromising sexual positions to then blackmail her. This was a common theme back in the days. they never expected Johnny to fall in love with Lana, and to be so physically demanding to the point where he would beat her up. There was a lot of abuse that went on in that relationship and all of this is well documented. While the author never comes out and proves that Lana was actually the killer of Johnny Stompanato, everything certainly seems to point to that. The bottom line is, if there’s ever a person deserved to get what he got, it was Johnny. Nonetheless, this is one heckuva read, and a book I give it a outstanding 4.5 stars.

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