A Passion for More (affairs that make or break us) by Susan Shapiro Barash: 4****

Gender studies, not really my go to genre, but “A Passion for More” by Susan Shapiro Barash certainly was a great way for me to dip my toe into these books. Shapiro Barash has been studying Female Infidelity for over 30 years and is a leading expert in the field. Interestingly enough, this book is actually a revised edition of her groundbreaking 2001 book of a similar title.

            For years everyone seems to focus on Male Infidelity to the point that the ladies in those relationships seem to be an afterthought. But this book really is an eye-opener as to why women decide to have an affair outside their marriage or relationship. The book consists of interviews of 70 women who represent a broad cross section of America and who range in age from 20 through their 80’s! The book is divided into four categories as to the reasons as to Female Infidelity: Empowerment, Sex, Love and Self-Esteem. To be quite honest the interviews are insightful and fascinating to a newbie like me in this genre.

            The author points out female infidelity as it appears in such literary classics as “Anna Karenina”, “Madame Bovary, and “The Awakening.” And how society even views celebrities who engage in this such a Princess Diana, Kristen Stewart and Meg Ryan. The list can go on and on. Female Infidelity is never viewed the same way that Male Infidelity is, and the time has come to change our preconceived notions and realize that in today’s society women are just as likely to pursue these relationships as are men.

            An eye-opener of a book, a topic that can be sensitive to discuss and read about and just  a very good read for anyone interested in a genre that is growing in popularity and importance.

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