An Ice-Cream War by William Boyd: 4.5 ****

An Ice-Cream War

What a wonderful book. I give it about a 4.5. Lately I seemed to have been picking up a lot of books and novels that deal with WW1. And “An Ice-Cream War” certainly did not disappoint.

A wonderful story that looks at the lives of 2 families, and the senseless destruction from a war that just supposed to melt away by Christmas. It did not happen, and the suffering of so many people are vividly brought to the forefront in this book.

What makes the book unique is its setting, which mostly is in East Africa, a location that one never thinks about having much of an impact on the war, or that battles were ever fought there.

I highly recommend this book to all readers. The details of some of the actual battles (the appropriately named “Battle of the Bees”) are vividly brought to life though the characters and makes one better understand the war, as well as some of the unbelievable events that took place in the African arena. 

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