April Showers Bring . . . New Books!

We have all heard the saying that “April showers bring May flowers”, but for me April brought new books, that’s right, new books. Now what do I mean by a new book? Well, this is a book that I had not expected to read, possibly by an author who I had not expected to read and could be about a  television series I might be watching. I have done this before with the book “The Last Kingdom”, but more and more I am finding books that were not on my reading list when I began the year.

         How about you? How do you select the books on your reading list? Last fall I was listening to a podcast called Constant Wonder where they interviewed the author Thomas Hager who wrote the book “Electric City.” That interview was so interesting that I purchased his book and just a few days ago we reviewed that book as part of the book club that I belong to. Nobody had heard of the book until I had mentioned it, and nobody knew of the story of Electric City. Feel free to look at my review of that book on this site.

         The month of April brought me 9 new book reviews and some of them were books which I had not expected to read. As you may remember I am a fan of Jules Verne and there are so many books that he has written that I decided to read his second book in the Extraordinary Voyage series. This was “The Adventures of Captain Hatteras” and it was a wonderful book that contains much scientific and geological information along with history and biology and a fascinating attempt by one man to become the first person to make it to the North Pole! But then I got sidetracked by the great Western author Louis L’amore and the first book of his Sackett series titled “Sackett’s Land. I was expecting a book based on the development of the West, but this book started in 1599. What drew me to Louis L’amour was the fact that my daughter had moved to Colorado and, when I did a search for books about Colorado and the West, these were books that were recommended. Had my daughter Sara not moved to Colorado I would not have read this book. After that I read the new book by Steve Berry, “The Omega Factor.” I like Berry’s blend of action, adventure and historical accuracy in his plots so, having not expected a new book from him this year, I was quite happy to insert this book into my reading.

         I also finished watching the TV series Slow Horses on Apple TV and found out that it was based upon a series of espionage novels and so now those books have come into my library. The same with a wonderful book called “The Pera Palace” which is about the formation of the modern day country of Turkey. This book has been made into a fictionalized series on Netflix and is mesmerizing to me, so I have now begun reading “The Pera Palace.” And this can go on and on with new books, new authors, new friends so it seems that no matter what my original goals were for the year I keep bending those goals to include these new books. I have now read 35 books this year, well on the way to completing my desired yearly goal of 52, but as I review that list I see that it contains a lot of books they were not there when I began the year.

         It doesn’t matter, as long as I’m enjoying what I am reading, I am a happy camper and I hope you feel the same way with your reading. Books are here to entertain and educate us. I also have been fortunate in the last month to pick up three new books about music artists from the 60s as I have received free copies of books about Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Doobie Brothers and Ronnie Spector. None of these appeared on my reading list when I began in January, but they are all now sitting there waiting their turn and hoping that no other detours will occur in my yearly reading. I doubt that will happen, however, as new books are always coming to my attention and for some reason they get put to the top of the list. So don’t feel bad if you’re reading goals and reading lists get slightly modified during the year, it’s OK and I look forward to hearing from you as to your thoughts about new books, new authors and your reading goals for the year 2022.

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