Bad Moon Rising by John Galligan

Bad Moon Rising by John Galligan

Thanks to NetGalley and Atria Books for an advance copy of this book in return for an honest review.

            If you are not familiar with author John Galligan and his books this 2nd book in his Bad Axe County series takes a bit to get used to, but once you do the book speeds headlong at breakneck speed as we follow County Sheriff Heidi Kick as she confronts a myriad of issues and evil in remote Axe County, Wisconsin.

            After a baffling preface, we encounter a murder of a homeless man, which quickly spirals into all the behind the scenes evil that is happening in the most isolated portion of the County. And not only are there bad intentions, one of the main adversaries is the swelteringly hot weather that the area is experiencing during this time period. Galligan’s book is divided into sections and he uses as unique way of dividing the action. His sections are not made up the time of day, or the days of the week, but rather the temperature ranges during the period of the books plot. Every day the temperature is between 94 and 100+ and it drives lots of the action in the book.

            Not spending a lot of time on typical character development, he is able to use the actions to help us understand the characters and their points of view in the book. There are multiple parts of the plot, none of which seem to be related until we get to the dramatic last chapters of the book.

            Not only do we deal with multiple murders, Sheriff Kick also has many issues with her own family that helps drive the action, and makes us realize how hard it is for law enforcement to be concentrating on their work when their family has as many issues as Kick’s does. Throw in a bitter election campaign, sex slaves, crazed environmentalists/back to the earth people who live in caves, and a host of other unique characters and you will be reading at breakneck speed to reach the conclusion.

            This may not be a book that some will like to read, but nonetheless it is a book that also makes us confront many of the issues of our day, and how such evil exists within our society. Fast-paced and well written this book leaves Galligan’s fans anxiously awaiting the next volume in his Bad Axe County series.

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