Bones Under the Ice by Mary Ann Miller: 4****

Talk about a page-turner. Mary Ann Miller in her debut really knocks it out of the park in what appears to be the first in a series about Jhonni Laurent, sheriff in a quad-county area of Northern Indiana. I could not put this book down. Jhonni is the sheriff of a farming region and a day after a blizzard the kids at a local park discover a hand sticking out of a pile of snow and ice – pushed their by the snowplows – and which turns out to be the body of a local teenage girl. Who and why would someone murder this high school senior. Miller uses this to bring light to generational family feuds, along with a shady newspaper reporter who is in cahoots with one of Jhonni Laurent’s deputies who will do anything possible to derail her career and have her lose the upcoming election. Along the way a local banker is found dead in his ice fishing tent and so is there one killer or two? The suspense drives the story which I read in under two days. The dialog is both crisp and utterly believable and the plot takes us to the many different people, and issues surrounding farm communities. Even Sheriff Laurent has a hidden secret that could bring down her campaign. One mighty fine debut from author Mary Ann Miller, Kudos!!!!

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