Brand-New Bubbe by Sarah Aronson: 5*****

I found this to be a charming children’s book about families, new families and bonding around food! Jillian is a young girl whose parents are divorced and her mother has remarried. Her step-dad is a good guy but she now has a new grandmother, and is upset as to why she now as 3 grandmothers and does not want to lose her other birth grandmothers. The first visit is a disaster, the second goes better and eventually all 3 grandmothers come and make their own traditional soups and the bonding of the new family happens. Good story, very understandable situation and bonding over soups is “souper”! Supported by good illustrations, it also comes with 3 soup recipes that I have already copied!! Fine effort by both author and illustrator, this is a wonderful book about blended families and what we all have in common.

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