Bulldog Drummond by Herman Cyril McNeile, a/k/a Sapper: 4****

Bulldog Drummond (The Bulldog Drummond Thrillers, 1)

A true blast from the past written in 1920. Some dated language but if you like mysteries this is a great older series.

They always say the best things in life are free, and that is what it cost me for this book that I got through Early Bird Books. Never heard of H.C. McNeile, or his pen name Sapper or even Bulldog Drummond until a few days ago. I started the book and was hooked. Todays writers could take a few lessons from this series – longer is not always better!! About 220 pages and the action was fast paced, well plotted and had interesting characters. Today they would stretch this book to 450 pages and it would lag at times. This book was written in 1920 and draws upon the authors experience in WW1 to create the characters, the attitudes of those characters and the dialog. Drummond is bored and places an ad in the local paper for anyone in need of a private investigator. He gets numerous responses but chooses one that sets him off on a dangerous trek against a sinister plot to overthrow England. The dialog is dated and very British, but it is a joy to see Drummond work his way through some very interesting situations. The book ends with a perfect setup for the next one in this wonderful series! 

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