Children of the 1940’s by Mike Hutton: 3.5***

A very good look back at kids living in England in the 1940’s. Kids are kids, but Mike Hutton takes a close look at the social history of that decade, and while we see similarities to kids in the US, there were stark differences that those children of the 1940’s lived through a much more difficult time that was punctuated by the Blitz, the advent of the V1 & V2 rockets, strict rationing, blackouts, evacuations into air raid shelters, and children sent to “the country” to escape the bombing and devastation in the metropolitan areas. There were also some very serious social situations brought on by US troops on British soil including mixed raced offspring and veterans who came back from the war only to find ot their wives had given birth to children that they did not father. As an American, I really enjoyed this look back things in Britain 70-80 years ago.
I give this a 3.5***

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