Come November by Scott Lord: 4.5****

A fascinating book that was inspired by the notes that the authors mother took on her trip to the UN back in 1947;
Scott Lord has used those notes to give us a novel that switches back and forth between 2003 and 1947 and the dramatic vote for the Partition of Israel, and which is made ever more relevant since today Hamas launched a huge attack against Israel and the entire area once again teeters on the brink of all out war.
We follow two main characters Jeanne who was a high school senior in 1947 who won a trip to the UN along with about 75 other HS student journalists over the Thanksgiving Holiday that year, and which happened to be the time when the UN was making its historic vote. But the book actually begins in 2003 and all the basic characters of the book are introduced to us with their own chapters and details needed to follow both time lines. A very strong beginning to this book! Jeanne has a son who is a failed real estate developer, a daughter-in-law who is a minor opera singer looking for a break and actually moves out of the family home at age 35 to follow her dream in New York, and takes the couples daughter Alice along with her. John is now a retired newspaper journalist who Jeanne first met and fell in love with during that 1947 journey (he was 21 at the time and a WW2 Vet), and who is now retired and living in Italy where he bought and is refurbishing a Villa that he hopes will be a destination location for Americans and Brits. But he also has been approached about writing a book about what really happened back in 1947 and needs Jeanne to be a co-writer. Complicating matters are two failed relationships between Jeanne and John, which have left Jeanne pretty well scarred as to John. Nonetheless she accepts his request to come to Italy, and brings along her son Michael, and her daughter-in-law and granddaughter also will be there because Kelly (the daughter-in-law) has secured a lead role in an Opera being performed at the Spoleto Festival in Todi, Italy. Whew!! Lots to cover here as we find out what behind the scenes info Jack withheld from his dispatches in 1947. Conspiracies, assassins, etc. what a going on, and we are moving a breakneck speed as we go along with John, Jeanne, the UN vote and a whole lot more. A well-written book with believable plots and characters, and one that takes me back to the time I spent in Italy and living at a spectacular Villa in Umbria. I final rating of 4.5****

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