Death Comes to Marlow by Robert Thorogood: 3***

I enjoy British mysteries, and thought the first book of this series was pretty good and so I thought I would give Book 2 a try. Well, that did not turn out that well. The Marlow Murder Club is a group of 3 women led by Judith, a 78-year old retiree who loves both creating and solving crossword puzzles, Suzie who is a dog walker and now a host on Marlow FM, and finally Becks who is the 40-ish wife of the local vicar. The three blended well together to solve the first murder, but it seems they went their own way until they are reunited to solve the murder of Sir Peter Bailey. Sir Peter summoned Judith to attend a day-before-wedding party because he was afraid his son might kill him. And, lo and behold, Sir Peter dies during the party with no witnesses to the crime. Enter the ladies who were all at the party and begin collecting clues and trying to find the murderer. Finally the police arrive but the ladies continue to meddle. And this goes on for over 300 pages. The police officially refuse to believe it is a murder which is a convenient plot device to allow these three ladies to continue meddling in lives and collecting clues. But, by about page 30 I knew who was the murderer, and apparently I am smarter than those ladies of the Marlow Murder Club, so much so that they, especially Judith, becomes aggravating and irritating. It is a locked room mystery that does have its baffling moments, but as creative as the plot was in Book 1, this second effort was disappointing. I will say that the solution to to how the locked room murder was ingenious but it just was enough to raise this one to a disappointing 3*** effort. There is a Book 3 coming out shortly, not sure if I will read that one.

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