Dragon’s Teeth by Upton Sinclair: 3***

So surprised that this book won the Pulitzer Prize. I enjoy the series, and intend to read all of the books, but this book just did little for me. Yes we got some detailed writing about Nazi torture in 1933, yes we seemed to get some inside info on many of the movements leading figures, but other than this the book was flat. First 1/3 of the book was nothing more than recapping prior 2 books and updating characters a bit. I still cannot understand why Lanny married Irma since they are so mismatched and most of the book just continued to show this. And they have a child they never see, who is left with nannies/matrons until Irma needs to see her baby again. Lanny shows no paternal instincts. Lanny goes from an intriguing character to an irritating individual who care more about his Pink (Socialist) friends than he does his wife and family. Lanny is a total zero in terms of what he does, as he has made himself into an art dealer but has no idea as to the real world despite being part of that world. I want to continue this series to see if Lanny will grow up or will he continue to be our Socialist voice fo Upton Sinclair. I will say this for Sinclair, he has made Lanny into Forrest Gump before Gump was ever created. By that I mean, he greets, meets and his life intersects every major figure and event from the time he is 19. At Versailles, meets Mussolini, meets Hitler and Goring and Goebbels, and any other leading figure in the world. Yes, Sinclair uses this device to teach us world history since all of the events depicted in his books really happened, and Budd is just there to tell us about them and have his adventures as part of this. Not only that, I now understand the wealthy elite progressives in the world. Wealthy and well placed enough to believe a lot of this ideology, and to be able to promote it. To each their own, but I get it now as to how Millionaires and Billionaires can become socialists.
The other big drawback for me is that the last 1/3 of the book is a slow slog as Lanny tries to get a friend out of prison and what he must go through to do so. Realistic? Not sure. Dramatic? Yes. 100 pages too much? Yes. Again, I am enjoying this series less and less with each slow moving book and hope that things will pick up in future volumes. A Pulitzer Prize winner? Nope!

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