February 2023: Off to a Roaring Start!

I cannot believe that January has come and gone, and things have been moving at a rapid rate for me when it comes to books. How about you? Have you begun the year with a bang?? I cannot remember a time when I have been busier with books than I was in January.

         During January I have been able to finish 11 books, most all of them fitting nicely into my Year of Discovery theme for 2023. They include writers such as Peter Briscoe (The Bookseller), Alfred Balm (The Antiquarian), E.J. Copperman (Ukulele of Death), Paul Pringle (Bad City) and more. In addition I read the book The Violin Conspiracy. Have you read this? I found it fascinating and its author, Brendan Slocumb, has a new book coming out it April. Also, I am happy to let you know that Mr. Slocumb has already agreed to sit down and record an interview for my Books & Looks podcast which will coincide with the release of that book.

         There have been other books that I read in January but these are just some of the best Year of Discovery books that gave me such a great start to the new year. And yet more books are coming! Yes, I have received over 350+ books this year and I now have to make difficult choices as to which books will fill my upcoming months.

         That’s why, if you follow Books & Looks, we now have weekly podcasts, many of which include author interviews or interviews with people in the book industry. If you do not have time to get to this website, we now have a marvelous new Views on Books podcast, where my book reviews are available in audio format, and the entire podcast is produced by AI. Yes my friends, Artificial Intelligence actually is used to read my book reviews. Absolutely amazing to put it mildly.

         I am currently reading books by new authors that will be published in March, so the reading will go unabated here at my household and there will be new content for you either here, or at Books & Looks, and if you are on the go why not try out the Views on Books AI podcast! And with that I bid you adieu, and hope you have a super February filled with reading as we continue our Year of Discovery.

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