Food and Crime: Theft, Poisoning and Murder for Food by Chris Garcia: 3.5***

Chris Garcia does a deep dive into our culture and shows the relationship between Food & Crime in the well-researched and fascinating book. One of the things that I enjoyed about the book is that he lists the 4 basic causes of food crimes, and then divides the book into four individual sections to discuss examples of each type of crime. And what made this book even better for me to read was that under each section he has individual subsections on the specific food or crime. This allows one to read a chapter, put it down and when you pick it up you can delve into a whole new food-based crime.
From the earliest food crimes and laws, up until today we see major criminal activity that surrounds our love of food. What is the most stolen food? Cheese! And Chris gives us some amazing stories and numbers about stolen cheese including a grocery store food fight which is a cover for stealing cheese. Great storIes about Maple Syrup, Artichoke Wars, Fraudulent insurance claims, killings that relate to food, etc. This book is a feast for fans of True Crime stories, with each story having its own chapter.
Fascinating and informative, Chris Garcia does a great job taking us on a culinary journey of food and crime. I give this a 3.5 rating.

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