I Loved Her in the Movies by Robert Wagner with Scott Eyman: 4****

Robert Wagner (one of my favorite actors) and Scott Eyman (top biographer of the Golden Years of Hollywood), team up for their 3rd book. There really is nothing disappointing in this book, as Wagnjer looks at the female actresses he has known and worked with since the 1930’s thru today. At the time write this Wagner is now 93 years old (really!!!) and so he is one of the few remaining actors who has first-hand knowledge of these lovely ladies. Lots of fun stories about the movies which were not covered in his other books, including the fact that he once dated Gloria Swanson’s daughter! Insight on these actresses and now they worked in the studio system which was all set up to make them stars.

Why did Greer Garson work in certain films and not other? What was Bette Davis like, as well as a bit about Barbara Stanwyck, and so many others from the 30’s and 40’s. A short chapter on Natalie Wood, and another on Jill St. John (two of his wives), and a lot of reflection why actresses have it so hard in Hollywood, and why only a few have careers over 15 years. Super stories about Joan Blondell, Loretta Young, Irene Dunne and the list goes on and on. A fast fun read, makes we want to rush out and read the first two books. If you like movies, the Golden Era of Hollywood, and if you are addicted like I a to TCM then this is the perfect book for you!!!

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