Mercury by Amy Jo Burns: 4.5****

A thoroughly enjoyable novel about a family of roofers, that’s right roofers and a young lady who came into their life and the experiences that they had together. We basically follow the exploits of the Joseph family, father Mick, and his wife Elise. And then we have the three sons:: Baylor, Waylon and Shay. It’s a rather dysfunctional family and the story is set back in the 1990s when Marley and her mother arrive in the small town of Mercury, PǍ where they have come for Marley’s mother to begin a new job. Marley spots the roofers on her way into town and before you know it she is interacting with two of them after a baseball game. All three of the brothers love Marley, each in different ways, just as each of the brothers have secrets, that no one knows about except themselves. We slowly unravel the twists and turns of the family, as a body is discovered in the steeple of the local church. Marley eventually married the middle child Waylon and moves into the family house, but she was never really accepted by Mick & Elise.

As the book peels away the layers of the family, as well as the secrets that they hold. We are drawn into this world of small town life with all its simplicities and all its difficulties. It is a very well written book. It has a wonderful plot, and I was immediately drawn to the characters. One of the things I enjoyed most about this book is that you see certain events unfolding in the first half of the book, and then, in the latter stages of the book, we see the points of view changing, and now we understand why those events happened, and what was behind certain events. The secrets and the motivations behind all the actions that take place in the beginning of the book are all revealed bit by bit as we go through the 2nd half of the book.. Amy Jo Burns has written, a wonderful novel, a novel, filled joy, disappointments, family, intrigue, and small town USA! A definite 4.5 star in my reading scale.

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