Mid-February Musings

We are halfway through the middle of the shortest month of the year. For some there have been blizzards, for others there has been a hope of spring. How has this affected your reading this month? I thought I would take a look at this question at the midway point of February.

I have had very lofty goals of reading history books and historical fiction books all of which seem to have in excess of 800 pages. This is wonderful, but can also be a bit of a chore at times, because no matter how much you read there always seems to be hundreds of pages left in the book. On the other hand I have also taken this time to read some books that were not on my list of “to read books”. I have finished a book by Robert Harris, and am currently reading one by Craig Johnson. Both of these were books and authors that I had not expected to read but for one reason or the other I decided to tackle them along with those lengthy history/historical fiction books that I’m reading. Another source of great fun this month has been reading and reviewing children’s books.

I enjoy reading children’s books and recently have been receiving a lot of books from the Penguin Random House Canada/ Tundra publishing company. Many of these are written by non-US authors which I find fascinating and which sometimes gives a different perspective on what’s being written for children. Not all of these books are going to show up on my website because pretty soon people will think that my blog is just about kids books. However, I do intend to put some of the best ones that I have read on this site in hopes that it will stimulate you to either take a look at these books or consider children’s books in a different manner. Most of the books that I have received are very good, and while there have been some clunkers, that is true for any genre of books. It has obviously put me way ahead in my pursuit of reading 52 books a year, but it also gives me the comfort of reading these longer historical books at my own pace and not worrying about whether I will meet my 2022 reading goals. What is gratifying is that certain publishers are now starting to reach out to me to review their children’s books, to go along with the publishing companies that have reached out to me to review other genres of books.

So if you get a chance, browse through some children’s books and see what’s being written for kids. Not all of it is politically correct nor are politically incorrect. They’re just good books for kids. Books that are fun and which stimulate a lifetime love of reading.

As I previously asked, how are you doing on your reading so far in February? The days are getting longer, there is a hope of springtime in the air and often times find that as we move into the better weather our choices of books change. I think we’ll explore that in another blog. But for now I’m reading some very heavy books, as well as some very wonderful children’s books and I find it a perfect way to ward of the February blahs!

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