Mid-June: Summer Reading

The month of May is now in the rearview mirror and rather than just recap what I read I thought I would spend a little time looking at what I’m going to read this summer. What about you? Do you have special books or genres that you prefer to read over the summer? Do you have beach reading? The summer is a great time to kick back and enjoy books that can be lighter and quicker reads and because of that I thought I would take the time and prepare for my next three months of reading.

         May was a fascinating month here with author interviews now being posted, and a very wide variety of books that I finished in that merry merry month of May. The month was filled with interesting books, but probably three of my favorites were West with Giraffes by Lynda Rutledge, The Bucharest Dossier by William Maz, and a first had look at a cruise ship when Covid struck back in March of 2020 which was the subject of the book Cabin Fever by Michael Smith and Jonathan Franklin. In case you missed those reviews follow the links provided here.

         And as the month went on I kept thinking about what was I going to read this summer. Espionage books are always something that I enjoy along with some lighthearted cozy mysteries. I didn’t want to get into anything too heavy, in other words it will be a few more months until I begin to tackle War and Peace. Books on travel, or places that I’ve visited always interest me in the summer. Being of Italian ancestry I love to read both novels and histories about the old country and one of my favorites as you know is Donna Leon. I still have 20 more books to go in her series (Commissario Brunetti) so her books are going to make a definite appearance in my summer reading list. One of my other favorite Italian detective writers is Andrea Camilleri and he has 28 books in his Inspector Montalbano series. These are all rather short reads, set in southern Italy and definitely differ from those of Donna Leon. They’re fast and easy to read. A little bit closer to home I enjoy the works of Peter Bowen and especially his Gabriel Du Pre series which consists of 15 books. Bowen died last year and so this series has obviously concluded. But it is a good series set in Montana and features many aspects of the West, American/Canadian Indians, conservation and of course a wee bit of crime! Just like the works of Camilleri, these books are very short and easy reads and are perfect for a day at the beach or in the mountains, as well as just kicking off your shoes and reading on the back porch.

         Yes I had so much planned to do and then two ladies came into my life, they are publicists and were quick to respond to my request to interview authors of the books that they are promoting. Before I knew it,  not only are we lining up more author interviews, but new books are being sent to me and so I have a feeling that this summer will not only be filled with some old standby series, but also some new books and new authors whose works I have never read. I’m sure as the month goes on you will see the reviews and interviews as I am working my way through the books that they have so kindly provided to me.

         And so my summer reading has quickly gotten filled a little bit old and a little bit new but that’s what’s the fun about reading past masters and new friends. What are you doing this summer and what books are you going to read? Do you make reading lists for this summer? I used to read a lot of sports books during this summer but I have sort of soured on professional sports so I will leave that genre to others. I need to end this blog and get back to reading because there’s so very much to read and there’s no better time to read then these lazy, and hazy days of summer.

         Join me in July as I take a look at some of my favorite mystery and detective series, because even though it’s summer, we need to get ready for those longer nights which are best suited for murder and mystery!

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