Murder at the Savoy by Jim Eldridge: 4****

It’s London, 1940! The Blitz has been pummeling London for 8 long nights, and finally on night 9 the fashionable Savoy Hotel opens its doors to about 40 distraught residents of the East End who have nowhere else to shelter. The Savoy boasts  an underground shelter with luxurious comforts where hotel residents are safe from the bombing. When the night is over everyone leaves, but the cry goes up, the Earl of Lancaster has been murdered! And with that wonderful premise Jim Eldridge brings us the 2nd book in his Hotel Murder series which features DCI Coburg.

            There is a lot going on in this book, as Murder at the Savoy tackles a lot of issues facing Londoners during the early days of the way. This murder, which is a prelude to even more mayhem involving the Savoy, touches on class conflict, trying to survive in London during the Blitz, the Fifth Column (the upper class who want appeasement and peace with Hitler), jealousy among rival police departments, and the reality that even though there is a war going on there are also crimes that need to be solved.

            It is a fast and engrossing read. That provides gripping adventure, along with a really good mystery as to who is committing murder and mayhem at the Savoy. This is another fine effort by Jim Eldridge who is also the author of the Museum Mystery Series, and once you start reading this book it is hard to put down.

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