Night Creatures by Rebecca E. Hirsch: 5*****

Night Creatures by Rebecca E. Hirsch

Rebecca E. Hirsch, is a PhD who has used her science background to have written over 80 books for children. Born in Pennsylvania, she studied Biochemistry at the University of Massachusetts and then got her Doctorate in Cellular and Molecular Biology from the University of Wisconsin. After her 2nd child she gave up research to write and discovered that she really enjoyed writing for children. She lives in PA with her husband and 3 daughters. She is an award winning children’s author and we can only thank her for her change in professions – she is a breath of fresh air in the children’s book genre.

Another 5***** effort by Rebecca Hirsch, a prolific children’s author who has turned a superb academic education into a great career. Here we get to meet and greet 11 different animals that inhabit the night. Animals that come out at night to eat, and some of whom become meals for other nocturnal animals. This all takes place one night with a mother explaining to her daughter these nocturnal creatures. The book is clear, simple and informative. Beautifully illustrated by Sonia Possentini, it takes the scariness out of nighttime sounds and explains a bit about these animals. Certainly not an encyclopedia, but rather this is a good way for parents to have their child understand these animals, their importance and to learn that just because we may not see them, these animals live most all of their waking hours in the dark. Top Notch effort by both author and illustrator..

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