No More Empty Spaces by D.J. Green: 3.5***

A solid 3.5 effort for geologist turned author D. J. Green, as she takes us to Turkey in 1973-75 time period during which a dam is being constructed and which provides a lot of the drama in the book. Green also spices up the book with a family in turmoil to begin the book, a romance that blooms in Turkey, some fascinating insights as to Turkey’s culture and geography and a pretty interesting local supervisor of the dam who is the main antagonist of the book. We follow Will Ross and his 3 children who he has taken to Turkey as part of his new job working as a geologist for the company constructing the Kayakale Dam in rural Turkey. Will was divorced and on a whim decided to take the kids with him after he had returned them home only to find his Ex-wife passed out naked on the living room floor.

The kids thought this was only a two week trip, and when they found out the true duration of the trip the two oldest boys showed their instant displeasure. Only 4-year old Didi was happy to be with her daddy. We quickly are introduced to Paula, the company school teacher, and it is obvious that there will be an attraction between her and Ross. The entire dam project had come to a standstill and thanks to that predicament the author gives us a really splendid overview of the areas geography, geology and the incompetence of the engineer who never seems to have detected all the fault lines, and issues that caused the construction to stop, as well as issues that could cause the completed dam to collapse. We are introduced to Turkish culture and geography during the families trips with Paula to cities, cultural sites, the Mediterranean Sea and other cities in Turkey. The best parts of the book deal with the region, the culture and the geology which are quite good. The romance is telegraphed, and the ending is rushed. But for a first time effort I thought it was a very good book. And, it makes me want to go on future geologic adventures with D.J. Green.

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