Portrait of a Murder by Michael Jecks: 3.5***

The other night I was perusing my books on Kindle and I came upon this title. I had received some other books from the publisher from one of Michael Jecks prior series, but for some reason I decided I wanted to start his new “Art of Murder” series over the Christmas holiday season. I was very pleasantly pleased with this book, and I thought that the author had a really good plot, a well disguised murderer, some good characters and an interesting setting. The book follows the exploits on small time artist Nick Morris. Nick is approached to paint a portrait of a wealthy individual who really has no desire to have his portrait painted. However, push comes to shove and eventually Nick gets the Commission and becomes involved in not just one but 2 murder investigations along the way. The subject of his painting committed suicide, or was it murder? There are shady characters left and right: Russian mobsters and oligarchs, beautiful prostitutes, a shady attorney and a whole lot more. Meanwhile Nick keeps either getting beaten up, falling in love and trying to help figure out who killed Jason Robart. I found the book to be entertaining, a fast read, well plotted and for the first book of a series I thought he introduced his characters quite well. I know a lot of people are familiar with this author from his prior series of books which are set back in the Renaissance times, but I like what he’s done with this series. He has another book coming out in 2024. I really liked the book I give it a solid rating and it was good enough that it makes me want to go back and read more of the author’s works.

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