September, 2022: Clearing the Shelf

Hello again my friends! I cannot believe it is already September and Autumn will be here in a very few days. As some of you may remember I was struck down by COVID in July and there was not much that I could do or even read during that time. So instead, I decided to take a look at my Goodreads bookshelf. Now my bookshelf is divided into books that I have previously read as well as those which I am currently reading, or at least have started to read. I was sort of shocked at what I found.

         When I looked at my shelf for books that I had previously begun reading and listing on Goodreads I discovered that I had over 12 books on that list. Not only that, as I look around my home library I see numerous books with little bookmarks in them which I had not even begun to list on my Goodreads site. What was I to do? I know that I had wanted to do a column on what I was gearing up to read in terms of mysteries in the fall and winter, but then I realized that before I even got to that I had to start finishing some of these books on the “Begun Reading” shelf.

         Some of these were mysteries, and some were rather massive works from history, nonfiction and even historical fiction. You might wonder how I could have so many books on this list? Well, I get started with a book and sometimes it just doesn’t tickle my fancy, so I put it down. Other times I get new books from and other times I get books from publicists who ask if I wouldn’t mind reading and reviewing a book that they are promoting. And so I get started on another book, but it seems like every day more books come into my household, and boy do they look good! Plus I have books that I have begun from my personal library that I had wanted to read for years and so things just piled up and I realized that time had come for me to begin to finish these books I had begun previously.

         Now, if you have been following along on this website you will notice that some of these books were already reviewed in August. And I try to explain why it took so much time. With “The Lincoln Highway” I just thought it was a slow book and wasn’t up to the previous works by the author. With regard to “The Pillars of the Earth”, again it was a good book but it was a long and dense book and I just got bogged down. I got bogged down for almost two years! And then there are other books that which are parts of series. Oh they look so good, but these books are also 800 or 900 pages long (The First Man in Rome). And they are in hardback version, which many times has smaller font size and lighter print, and I must admit that as I’ve gotten older I have enjoyed reading books on my Kindle more so than the physical copies I have. This is a problem because I have about 5000 physical books here in my house.

         And so I wonder whether you are reading multiple books at one time, or do you get bogged down like I do, or does a new book come in from one of your favorite authors and you put that prior book on the shelf and the next thing you know months have passed? Well if you had this problem I suggest the best thing to do is just start rereading those books you have previously begun. Many of these I can pick up where I left off, while others I have to go back and start from the beginning.

         I have wanted to make recommendations for fall and winter reading, but before I do that I want to let you know that I’m catching up on some of the books on my “Begun Reading” Shelf. I only have 4 left to read, and I’ve set a goal to finish two more this month and then I can begin working on new books. So follow my book reviews as I attempt to clear my shelf and get ready for longer nights and cooler weather We should be right around the corner by the time I post my October book blog.


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