Shadowland by P.L. Hampton: 5*****

WOW!!!! This is one of the most compulsively readable books I have had he pleasure to read and review in years! Author Phillip Hampton takes us on a marvelous journey that combines a Thriller, with a story dealing with the Paranormal and Voodoo, and I truly could not put this one down. We follow the fortunes of Aaron Langford and his family who have moved from Washington, DC to Seattle in order for Aaron, who is a doctor, to continue his research on Sickle Cell Anemia.. He is so caught up in this challenge that he does not really pay attention to his wife and children who have a longing to return to DC. A few months after their move to Seattle, Aaron’s friend Otis comes to the house a Divination Tray as a housewarming present. They joke that is is sort of like an African Ouija Board, but nobody really wants to “play” with the Divination Board but eventually agree to ask a few questions of the Board. Unfortunately, nobody knew that this board can activate a portal to the land of the light, the dead, and that gray area in between known as the Shadowlands.

Days later strange sounds are heard in the house, and both children are frightened by ghosts. Again, Aaron pays not attention, and eventually both children disappear. Where did they go, are they alive or dead, and only later does Aaron come to realize they were taken by forces into the Shadowlands, and now it is up to Aaron with the help of Voodoo Princess, Urbi, to find the children and try to retrieve them to the world of the living.. This style is book is not one that I usually enjoy but Hampton first of all captures us with some of the most realistic dialogue that I have read, and which continues throughout thew entire book. We learn much about the West African (Yoruban) people and their fables, and the book just keeps us on the edge of our seats the entire 340 pages of this book. I began this book hoping to learn a bit about West African culture and the Divination Board, and yet this book is so much more. A hearty 5***** rating for this book and a hope that there will be more to come from not just Phillip Hampton, but also more books based on some of the characters in this book!

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