Snow Place for Murder by Diane Kelly: 3.5***

This is the 3rd book in the Mountaintop Mystery series by prolific cozy mystery author Diane Kelly. As with so many of these books, this one is filled with many characters, a mysterious death, multiple potential suspects, along with red herrings galore! The plot revolves around Mountaintop Lodge owner Misty Murphy who is hosting real estate tycoon Nigel Goodwin who is pitching potential investors for his new resort in Beech Mountain, NC. After the first day of presentations, marred by local protesters opposed to such a resort, Nigel, et al head to the ski slopes for a night of skiing prior to more presentations the next day. Time approaches for that presentation and Nigel is not at the lodge. No, no! He discovered dead in the lodge parking lot, buried under a mound of snow. And so the race is on to find Nigel’s killer, aided by Misty who sees and oversees all that goes on at her lodge. Unlike many cozy mysteries, there are no cutsie names of towns, streets or shops; nor are the police portrayed as simpletons who cannot tell a clue from a cruller. There are a lot of characters in this book, so much so that I actually had to make a listing so that I could keep everyone straight. These characters range from an overlooked wife, to an overworked assistant, along with 2 or 3 local characters and all of the potential investors. Everyone is fair game, and Misty is keeping track of one and all, Filled with absolute corny jokes, Kelly also brings up through Misty the question as to whether the main character is a nosy person or just curious. For me Misty is both, but without her insights it would be difficult for the police to get to certain hard evidence. This is well written and a very fast read., with plenty of potential motives for everyone involved to have wanted Nigel dead. So as the days grow shorter and colder, snuggle up and follow along with Misty Murphy for this 3rd edition of the Mountaintop Mysteries.

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