The Antique Hunter’s Guide to Murder by C.L. (Cara) Miller: 4****

I know absolutely nothing about Antiques! But was attracted to this book because I enjoy a good mystery and thought I might learn a few things. And, I did!!! C.L. Miller has written a delightful debut novel in which the search for stolen antiques and antiquities collide with murders, and along the way we are treated to a host of characters from Freya, who is the lead protagonist of the story, to her Aunt Carole, her semi-uncle Arthur who got her started in the antique profession over 20 years ago and who eventually caused her to leave the profession until she is suddenly pulled back in. Something is fishy about Arthurs’s demise and Freya and Carole are on the hunt to figure out what all the clues lead to and what Arthur is trying to tell her from beyond the grave.

The mystery takes us to an English Manor, and we learn about antique “banks” as we are joined by a shady group of characters who are all trying to find the valuables that appear to be hidden in the house. Nobody is as they appear, and everyone has their own agenda as the group meets for a weekend gathering where all things are hopefully going to be resolved. A very well plotted books with believable characters, this is a fast paced book that is easy to read and hard to put down. The author does a very good job of keeping us guessing as to the murderer, and I must admit that I was fooled!!! What I also like is that we know from the last chapter of the book that this appears to be the first of a series of books, and that there could be a group of repeat characters that we will follow as we delve into the world of antiques and murder. Top notch effort!!!!

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