The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln (Four Smoking Guns) by John C. Fazio: 3.5***

We all know John Wilkes Booth shot and killed Abraham Lincoln, but the bigger issue has to do with who gave the orders and was behind this assassination. This is an extremely interesting book, one that can get bogged down with names and details, but nonetheless gives a great deal of insight into the authors theories as to the mastermind behind the plot. So much information that one has to wade through but we do find out that Booth was pretty much a drunkard and highly intoxicated the night of the assassination; also that this was part of a Black Flag War that the Confederacy was using to try and reverse the inevitable outcome of the war. We find out about the many attempts on Lincoln’s life including carriage accidents, possible food poisoning in Gettysburg at the time of the Address, an attempt to kill him with a delivery of shirts laced with Yellow Fever germs. Unbelievable stuff, as well as the role the Confederate Secret Service located in Canada played in an almost year long attempt to kidnap or kill Lincoln. Civil War buffs will love this book, which is intense in detail but nonetheless informative and insightful.

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