The Barbarossa Secret by Christopher Kerr: 4****

Plausibility. To me this is one of the key elements of a good historical fiction novel. Not only must such a book have accurate history, but the authors plot must be plausible so that the book will resonate into something other than just a mere fantasy. in his newest book, “the Barbarossa Secret”,  author Christopher Kerr has presented us with a host of historical fact, and has sculpted a plot that is highly plausible and makes us truly wonder “what if.”

            Operation Barbarossa was the German offensive that invaded Russia in June of 1941. But what if there was another Barbarossa? What if there was a secret agreement that would have made Russia the common enemy of not just the Germans, but also the allied forces. It is not inconceivable that Adolf Hitler and the Nazis realized that the enemy was not Western Europe and, that in order to rid the world of Russian Communism, he would devise a plan that included Germany, Great Britain, The United states and other allies. And it is this very feasible scenario that Christopher Kerr brings to life in his newest novel. The novel swings back and forth between the 1930s and 2020. And by using historical accuracy Kerr is able to take us behind the scenes and see what was really going on in Germany, in England, with the deposed king of England, as well as with many aristocrats and leaders in all those countries. Could all these people wish to unite against the Russians? What would Germany get out of this deal, and why would the allies even consider making such a deal with Adolf Hitler and the Nazis?

            This book is jam packed with historical accuracy, historical figures and an all too possible and plausible plot. At some point in time the Germans realized they could not defeat the allied forces and that in order to save Germany from communism they would have to surrender to the allies, in return the allies and Germany would wage war together against Russia. There are many behind the scene events that readers may have never heard of, and yet all are well documented. One of my favorites is Operation Willy in which the Germans legitimately tried to persuade the deposed King of England, now Duke of Windsor, to intervene on their behalf, and even went so far as to dangle his return to the throne of England as part of the deal.

            This is an agreement that could topple governments, ruin world economies and it comes to light in 2020 with the death of one of the few people who was privy to the agreement. This is a gripping read, one steeped in historical accuracy and with a highly believable premise. Yes, it is plausible that there were secret agreements, and by the end the reader has a hard time deciphering fact from the all too probable fiction.

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