The Billiard Room Mystery by Brian Flynn

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A pretty good first mystery from the Golden Age. Brian Flynn was a prolific author but not considered one of the top writers of his time. Was not part of the Detective Club of writers, but nonetheless had considerable success. Here we are introduced to his lead character, the aristocrat Anthony Bathurst and we see him both working with and competing against the local detective to solve not just a murder committed on a billiard table but also the burgling of a certain pearl necklace. In my opinion the book suffers from two things. First, the language is tough. Too many phrases from that 1930’s time period and very stiff language. “I will pilot you there.” Instead of “I will show you there.”
The other issue is that many of the small details that led to the eventual outcome were withheld from the reader. There is a reason for that but it still is off-putting.
Now I will read another of his books, they do not cost much to buy on Kindle, but this was just an OK book and I am not sure if I want to spend the $ or time on more. Here, however, is hoping for the best! 

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