The Burning Chambers by Kate Mosse

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One never knows where you will discover a book. One day I am listening to one of my favorite British podcasts and they are interviewing Kate Moss, the author of this book series and I was captivated by her discussion. So, I did some research and found that this book is the first of a series she is writing. The 2nd book, City of Tears, has just been released, but I wanted to start with this book and it certainly did not disappoint. The book deals with the beginning of the French Wars of Religion between the Catholics and Huguenots, and we learn a great deal of history (much of which I was unaware of) and follow the lives of the Joubert family, along with Piet (Huguenot) and Vidal (Catholic priest) along with Vidal’s mistress Blanche. What a great way to both have a wonderful read and learn of all the complexities of this time period (1561-72), and all the hostilities and difficulties that people had to live with. Cities divided but holy wars. People who were neighbors now become enemies – and many of these people are drawn into the conflict as unwitting victims. Of course there is a really good mystery that also plays a large part in this book and which is something that propels some of the plot even though through most of the book the mystery remains hidden from us.
I have City of Tears and she had a prior series that now may show up on my shopping list. A wonderful writer, a wonderful book and a great way to learn and understand the history of a topic I knew little about.

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