The Education of Delhomme by Nancy Burkhalter: 5*****

Big shoutout to History through Fiction publishing for this wonderful book. Part history, part spy, part music, this is a great and fast read as we follow the life of Beaulieu Delhomme who begins his adult life going to medical school and after failing rather miserably ends up becoming a piano tuner, and eventually the personal piano tuner for Chopin. Filled with a multitude of historical figures and historical accuracy, we meet many in the art world in 1840’s France including George Sand, Liszt, Berlioz, Delacroix and more. We are eyewitnesses to the tumultuous political upheavals that roiled France during this time period, and we follow Delhomme as both a piano tuner and extremely reluctant spy. Not only is he reluctant, he isn’t very good!!! Personally and professionally we see he development as an artisan and as a human. This is a book that I have been raving about to friends since I began reading it only a few days ago, and certainly for my reading tastes it as it all: history, espionage and music. Wonderful book, thanks for taking me on this journey to mid-19th century France!

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