The Given Day (Coughlin Series #1) by Dennis Lehane: 5*****

The Given Day (Coughlin #1)

A really fine author, Dennis Lehane is best known by his books (and movies) Mystic River and Shutter Island. But while his stand alone works have caught the publics eye, he has also written two series which have gotten acclaim. One was the 6-volume Kenzie & Gennaro set which deals with a pair of Boston detectives. He also has the 3-volume Coughlin series that begins in Boston patrolman Danny Coughlin as well as his family. All are well written books which have memorable characters and are masterworks in period recreation. My first review of his works is this book, and I should have been more effusive, even though I gave it a 5***** rating (which in and of itself is effusive!). But this book was just a super read and I hope you get a chance to dive into the works of Lehane.

A very fine effort by the author. He used so many aspects from History in his novel and even gave those who were not aware of it an insight into the Molasses Flood of 1919. The only time there was a weakness was with the segments about Babe Ruth. I found them to really not have anything to do with the book other than having Ruth run into characters in the novel and so those pages left me blah. But the two main story lines are just so darn well written and captivating that you can overlook the Ruth segments and that is why I gave it a 5* instead of a 4* 

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