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Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. As you can probably figure out, my name is Blaine. I am a retired attorney from Pennsylvania now living in South Carolina and from childhood I was an avid reader. Even though life was busy as an attorney I still had time to read books, and now that I am retired I am finding even more time to both read and write. I love many different genres and at any time I might simultaneously read non-fiction and history books, as well as novels, mysteries and historical fiction. At the current time I am reading a novel by TC Boyle, a mystery by Boris Akunin, historical fiction by James Michener and a baseball book by John Thorne.

In addition to reading, I have begun teaching classes at the Furman University OLLI program. OLLI is a lifetime learning institute where hundreds of different classes are taught each year. I have been able to find a niche by teaching classes relating to Forgotten Stars of Major League Baseball, as well as Music classes based on the Billboard Record Charts.

I hope that you will join me, as I plan on reviewing books on a regular basis. Many of my books are not going to necessarily be from the Best-Seller lists, but rather are books by authors and on topics that intrigue me and which I hope will also make you want to add it to your “To Read” book list. I am not about to review only books that I give a 5***** rating, instead I hope to give you my honest thoughts on the books on my Bookshelf.

As you can see in the background of my photo there are a lot of books in my collection and I have bookshelves all over my house that are filled with over 4,000 books. And then there is my Kindle which is packed with so many books I have given up counting. I guess what I am trying to tell you is that I have a broad range of reading interests, lots of books to choose from, and I hope that you will join me as I take a look at the books and authors that are on my Bookshelf! And remember, the next book review is right around the corner!

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