The Moose Fairy by Steve Smallman: 5*****

The Moose Fairy
I love this book! It is fun, funny, educational and the illustrations are super. This book is all about acceptance and fitting in and we have a moose who has always wanted to be a fairy and finds a notice of a fairy meeting. He sorts through his outfits and settles on a silly look that fits his character! He goes to the meeting and eventually passes the class and becomes a full-fledged fairy. However the other new members say he is too big to be a fairy and he sadly leaves, only to eventually return to save the day and be told that he is the best fairy of them all. 
This book is about being who you want to be, striving and achieving that goal and then being the best you can be. Super book for parents to read to their kids and and illustrations just add to the enjoyment. This book was totally fun for me, and if it can charm a 67-year old man then I am sure kids will love it..

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