The Nun’s Tale (Owen Archer #3) by Candace Robb: 4****

The Nun's Tale by Candace Robb

Candace Robb’s series about Owen Archer gets better with each book. Preliminary details of characters are now behind us and so Robb can concentrate on a very involved story line, and one that keeps us guessing throughout the book. This is the story who arrives wearing a blue mantle (cloak) that she insists was given to her for protection by Mary Magdalene? She insists she received this when she was buried alive almost 9 months prior to her return. Is she mentally disturbed, is she suffering a trauma, or was she really buried alive and did she rise from the dead thanks to Mary Magdalene?? Really well done, with a story that involves both Owen Archer and his, now pregnant wife and apothecary, Lucie. As Lucie seems to be the only person that our nun Joanna trusts, Owen is off trying to find mercenaries and people involved with Joanna’s condition. Well written and a very interesting book, I find this book much better than her first two, more readable in my mind, and I am excited to read the remainder of this series, in which she has just published book #14!

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