The Pot Thief Who Studied Billy the Kid by J. Michael Orenduff


Book 6 of this series is very good and at the same time very different. Here Hubert, our Pot Thief, has really not been involved in any stolen pots, is not charged with a crime and yet has gotten himself involved in something because found a mummified hand in a cave dwelling he was investigating. We have the usual cast of friends but here, instead of having them really interact, they all sort of come in and out of the story and not always that worthwhile. Oh sure there is a lot of wisdom dispensed as to what Hubert must do, but on the whole many characters just do little. His friend, Susannah, is always by his side but since Hubert is on a diet they are not always at their favorite watering hole. Funny thing about this series, Hubert and Susannah have a super relationship and you can sort of see the possibility for romance (even though there is an age difference) but so far the author has not gone in that direction. But slowly their love lives dissipate and I hope he finally gets these two together. Not sure where the rest of the characters are heading in development since they were sort of scare in this book, which really is another New Mexico mystery romp! 

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