The Return of the Pharaoh by Nicholas Meyer: 4****

Book Cover

The 11th Duke of Uxbridge has gone missing on his annual trip to Egypt, the Duchess is upset and needs to find out why she has not heard from him, as well as why her letters have not been returned for over two months. Enter Sherlock Holmes who travels to Egypt and lo and behold he bumps into Dr. Watson who is there with his wife who suffers from TB.
Nicholas Meyer has carved his niche as a successor to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, as he has “used Watson’s Notes” to give us some wonderful new books. This is his most recent effort is a fun trip back to 1911 and a bit of a history lesson on Egyptology and excavation into the Valley of the Kings. It is a fun read, and if you do not know a lot about Archeology then this will be a really good read.
I did find it a bit short on Holmes deductive reasonings, but that is my sole criticism.

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