The Siege of Krishnapur (Empire Trilogy #2) by J.G. Farrell: 4.5****

Once again Farrell has written a masterful novel. The second in his Empire Trilogy and I marvel at the authors writing style. In my opinion the book is a notch below his first book of the trilogy, Troubles. I would rate this one as a 4.5.

Farrell is able to show the slow decline of the British Empire, this time set in 1850’s India, and does so by rarely having any Indian characters in the book and showing the problem exclusively through the eyes of British, specifically the British East India Company. He also is able to use historical facts and combines them with remarkable symbolism to allow the reader to understand how the Empire began its slow decline that ended dramatically after WW2, although some feel it ended after WW1. He will continue this theme in his 3rd novel, The Singapore Grip, and unfortunately Farrell met an untimely and tragic death, and so we have to be satisfied with this Trilogy. Just an outstanding effort that was based up on the actual sieges at Cawnpur and Lucknow. It is a remarkable effort, filled with many memorable characters and one that will make me anxious (as well as sad) to move onto the third and final book of the Empire Trilogy.

Any fan of History and History Fiction should definitely take the time to read Farrell’s works. They are just special!

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