The Tenderfoot by Robert Vaughan: 4****

Award winning Western author Robert Vaughan has a string a wonderful books and his new book The Tenderfoot, not only keeps up with his usual standard of excellence but also garnered the True West Magazine Best Western Novelist and Novel of 2022.

            For an author to have written as many books as Vaughan it is tribute to his creativity that he remains at the top of his form in The Tenderfoot. Here his protagonist is Rob Barrington, a young man in his 20’s, who comes from a wealthy family and due to the early death of his father has now become the owner of Turquoise Ranch near Flagstaff, AZ. What makes this a really fun read is that nobody at the ranch has ever known the owner, since it has been administered by a law firm in Boston, and who has recently employed a new ranch manager who is controlling, unliked and unscrupulous.

            Rob is not one for the leisurely life of the wealthy. No, he has played football in college, obtained both a business and law degree, and has happily had his fiancé terminate their engagement. Rob wants to go West and manage the ranch, but before he leaves he takes his grandfather’s advice to keep his identity hidden, work as a lowly cowboy, and learn all about the business. And with that our adventure begins.

            This book is filled with good writing and a story that has a cattle drive, a stampede, the unscrupulous manager, theft and cattle rustling, and a whole lot more. It is a tight and well written book that is an easy read. It is a Western book and so it is really an enjoyable book, as most Western fiction tends to be. It tells a story in a concise 225 pages, and took me about 2 days to finish it. When I was done, all I could say was Yeehaw!!!

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