The Truth about Dinosaurs by Guido Van Genechten: 4****

The Truth About Dinosaurs

Every summer I try and take a few weeks to read some of the newest children’s books on the market. There have been some really good books that have recently been released, along with a few stinkers. I will try and add a few of the better ones here to my bookshelf. This first one is for ages 3+ and is just a lot of fun, and was originally was published in Belgium and the Netherlands, and the author is also the illustrator which is a big plus in making sure the illustrations match the tone of the book. Below is a photo of the author.

Now, this is the sort of silly and cute book that I like and that I think will appeal to most young readers. It features a chicken who advises us that he is a descendant of dinosaurs. The chicken proceeds to show how each part of his body, from his feet, to his beak, to his feathers are all inherited from different dinosaurs. It is a cute premise and one that made me laugh when reading it, which is what seems to be the purpose of the book. Only 30 pages long, it certainly is not an encyclopedia about dinosaurs, but rather a fun intro for kids to start to learn about some the earliest inhabitants of the earth. Funny ending, and good illustrations that match the tone of the book. This is one book that I would think most young readers would enjoy and that I would be happy to give as a gift! 

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