The War Librarian by Addison Armstrong: 4****

Addison Armstrong is one of the brightest young authors that I have and pleasure to read. Barely out of college she has produced two wonderful books, the newest being “The War, Librarian.” This book follows the dual timeline of World War I and the first class of females at the US Naval Academy in 1976. in 1918 Emmaline Balakin is working at the Dead Letter Office of the US Postal System, and stumbles upon a letter from a former friend of hers, who is now serving in France during the war. She eventually becomes a librarian, and it shipped overseas where she is part of the effort to bring books to the soldiers. While there she finds that her friend is one of the wounded soldiers at the hospital where she is working.

She is shocked by the horrors of the war, by the segregation among the wounded and hospitalized, and tries to bring joy and happiness to these individuals, through books, despite all the perils of being near the front line. She makes friends with another young lady named Nellie who is a Red Cross volunteer who helps Emmaline navigate the system while she’s over there, as well as teaching her how to drive. In 1976 Kathleen Carrie is part of the first group of female midshipman at the US Naval Academy, and is the granddaughter of Nellie. We follow Kathleen as she is subjected to all types of hazing and harassment at the Academy. Many of the male midshipman do not wish to have females in the Academy, and do anything possible to intimidate them, including trying to have them dismissed from the Academy for treasonous behavior. But there is a secret from World War I, that will impact Kathleen in her attempt to be part of the first class of female midshipmentat the US Naval Academy. This is a well researched book, filled with historical events, and certainly shows you the female point of view in both timelines. The authenticity in this book is shocking, and it also saddens one to see what women had to put up with in their efforts to help and assist our country and military.

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