Troubles by J.G. Farrell (Book 1 Empire Trilogy): 5*****


What a great trilogy of fictions books that accurately depict the decline of the British Empire. J.G. Farrell died at the all too early age of 44 but what an outstanding writer. This books won the Faber Memorial Prize and the Lost Man Booker Prize (Booker Prize not awarded year this was published. It is a super read and I have finished two of this trilogy. Below is my review which, while short, sums up the greatness of this book in my opinion!

James Gordon Farrell.jpg

Absolutely marvelous book, loved the symbolism of the book, as well as how the author was able to utilize the characters of this book in order to advance the plot of the decline of the British Empire in England. Loved the fact that the “troubles” were happening during the time period of this book, but yet there was no direct involvement of any of the characters with the troubles, nor were the troubles directly part of the book, but came in via newspaper accounts, and discussions by the characters.

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