Ukulele of Death by E.J. Copperman: 3.5***

How can you not like a book that uses a Ukulele as part of its plot? The minute I got this book I was intrigued by the title, Ukulele of Death, and the author E. J. Copperman does not leave us down. It’s hard to categorize this book because part of it is fantasy and part of it is a good old-fashioned murder mystery. The book involves the brother and sister investigative duo of Fran and her brother Ken. Now the duos last name is Stein, and so when you put it all together we have private investigators by name of Fran and Ken Stein! Yep you read this correctly, Frankenstein! I loved this and think this is one of the most unique aspects of the book.

            You see  the Stein investigative agency specializes in trying to find the parents of adoptive children, because they themselves are not quite sure who they are or who their parents were. How could this be? Well, they live with an Aunt and have never seen their parents and knew little about their parents for the majority of their life. But they have strange lines on their bodies and every few days they need to be plugged into an electrical outlet in order to remain functioning. They think everyone is like this since In all ways they appear human, and are human, but not just the way you and I might consider human. As I said this is a wonderful and creative book, one that involves a murder mystery that surrounds the return of the priceless ukulele as well as the Stein children trying to discover more about their parents, and the people who are now chasing after Fran and Ken Stein for their own ulterior motives.

            I can easily see this turning into a series of books, but even if it didn’t this is a fun standalone mystery. I found the premise interesting, amusing at times and we even have a bit of a love story as a New York police detective falls in love with Fran Stein. That resolution may have to wait till the next book, but for now I think that the Ukulele of Death is certainly a book you will want to read as we continue our year of discovery of new authors.

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