Wednesday and Woof #1: Catastrophe by Sherri Winston: 4****

Wednesday and Woof #1 by Sherri Winston

Wednesday and Woof is the first book in the series by author Sherri Winston with illustrations by Gladys Jose, and is really a great book for beginning readers to get used to chapters, more involved plots and Ms Winston has a really nifty way of congratulating these readers. At the end of almost all of these short and extremely readable chapters she gives encouragement to the reader for how much they have read and even breaks it down as to how many words they have read to a certain point in the book.
As for the story, it is similar to many “backyard” detective stories for children and in that regard it is totally predictable, but despite that Ms. Winston has added something that does set it apart. Her detective is a young girl who has Juvenile Arthritis and her companion is a trusty service dog who carries many of her supplies in his vest pockets. This is super and while there is a mystery, there are also parts that inform us of this disease and issues that arise from the juvenile arthritis. This is a book that teaches us something and is accompanied by cute illustrations. I liked this book a lot and look forward to being given the opportunity to review more of these books since this is clearly marked as Book #1 in the series. A great birthday or holiday present, a real top notch effort and one that also educated this reader/reviewer regarding the issue of Juvenile Arthritis

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